The range of Valfussbett materials: top comfort levels for all requirements.


The latest arrival among the Valfussbett compounds: unbeatable resistance, extraordinary elastic memory and comfort at the highest levels are the pluses of this one-of-a-kind foam


It is the first absorbent polyurethane. Its absorption capacity keeps the foot dry in any weather condition, quick drying guarantees comfort even on long walks.


It is a mix of recycled open cell polyurethanes. These characteristics give it high breathability, without affecting the elastic memory typical of polyurethane. Valair is also added with activated carbon, which fights the proliferation of bacteria.


A mix of materials coming from regenerated production waste to provide a sustainable material designed to reduce the impact of waste on the environment and to provide maximum comfort and resistance


It is the cheapest foam, ideal for removable and removable fussbeds where you want to offer a quality product at an affordable price, without sacrificing comfort.


Softer than Valmaster, this formulation allows the creation of light and comfortable articles, with excellent elastic memory.


It is a material suitable for the creation of rigid or thick articles, such as wedges, fillers, support heel pads. The optimal solution for high banded sandals.


It is the classic thermoformable polyethylene, ideal for economical insoles. It is available in different densities and perforated, to increase breathability.


Thermoformable and breathable, felt is one of the most used materials in sports footwear. It is available in different colors and thicknesses.


The only fussbett equipped with comfort, proven durability with adaptation to any type of shoe. The lightest extractable on the market with extraordinary material toughness, it can be rolled up, pulled and washed.

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Download our catalog



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