The range of Valfussbett materials: top comfort levels for all requirements.


The latest addition to the Valfussbett mixes: unbeatable resistance, extraordinary elastic memory and top level comfort are the positive points of this unique foam


The first absorbent polyurethane. Its ability to absorb keeps feet dry in any climatic condition, and its fast drying guarantees comfort even during long walks.


A mix of open cell recycled polyurethane. These characteristics make it extremely breathable, without influencing the elastic memory that is typical of polyurethane. Valair also contains activated carbon, which fights against the proliferation of bacteria.

Valair Comfort

A pure layer of heat mouldable, breathable polyurethane. Its special formula guarantees an unbeatable feeling of wellbeing from the moment it touches your feet.


The most economic foam, ideal for resheared and removable fussbett where a quality product is offered at an affordable price without abandoning comfort.


Softer than Valmaster, this solution can be used to produce light and comfortable articles with an optimal elastic memory.


Material suitable for producing articles that are rigid or thick, such as wedges, fillers, support lifts. The optimal solution for sandals with high straps.


Classic heat mouldable polyethylene, ideal for economic insoles. Available with different densities and perforated, to increase breathability.


Both heat mouldable and breathable, felt is frequently used for sports shoes. Available in different colours and hicknesses.

Valtender Scuro

With the same characteristics as Valtender, this grey material is perfect when combined with both light and dark leathers.


A heat mouldable material, made mostly of vegetable fibre obtained from the Kenaf plant, which guarantees optimal breathability and heat adjustment.

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